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Han-San Cadence

Photo Credit: Rich Sanders, Des Moines

Han-San Cadence

Artist: Larry Poons (American, born Japan, born 1937)
Date: 1963
Medium: Acrylic and fabric dye on canvas
Canvas: 72 1/2 × 144 7/8 × 2 5/16 in. (184.2 × 368 × 5.9 cm.)
Credit Line: Purchased with funds from the Coffin Fine Arts Trust; Nathan Emory Coffin Collection of the Des Moines Art Center, 1970.19
Accession number: 1970.19
Classification: painting
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Label TextAccording to Poons, the title of the painting is a reference to the Chinese recluse poet Han-shan ... whose exact dates are uncertain, but who probably lived in the late seventh and early eighth centuries during the T'ang Dynasty. In the AC painting, brilliant green and blue ellipses are arranged across the canvas in a manner recalling notes on a musical scale. The artist's original training was as a musician. The tightly controlled composition of Han-San Cadence gives way rapidly before the viewer's eye as the ellipses of bright color appear to jump and hang suspended in front of the canvas; in addition, elusive after-images dance about the canvas and even onto the adjacent wall on which the painting hangs. At first glance, one is inclined to believe that the studied control which is so apparent in the work is the direct antithesis of Jackson Pollock's and Willem de Kooning's Abstract Expressionism. However, the large scale of the painting, the all-over composition, and the uncontrollable, accidental movement of the after-images relate Han-San Cadence to the Action Paintings of the preceding generation. Source: Bulletin, March-April 1971.
SignedL. Poons (verso u,l stretcher bar acrylic paint)
InscriptionUP 1963 (verso u,l stretcher bar acrylic paint)
Han-San Cdence (verso c,l stretcher bar acrylic paint)
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