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Thank You Hide

Photo Credit: Michael Tropea, Chicago

Thank You Hide

Artist: William T. Wiley (American, born 1937)
Date: 1970-1971
Medium: Construction with wood, leather, ink and charcoal on cowhide, pickaxe, found objects and watercolors
Overall: 74 x 160 1/2 in. (188 x 407.7 cm.)
Frame: 34 5/8 x 56 1/8 in. (87.9 x 142.6 cm.)
Credit Line: Purchased with funds from the Coffin Fine Arts Trust; Nathan Emory Coffin Collection of the Des Moines Art Center, 1977.9
Accession number: 1977.9
Classification: sculpture
Label TextWiley was associated with the Funk Art movement which emerged in Northern California in the mid-1960s and 70s. Funk artists relied on eclecticism, humor, and pop culture as inspirations, following in the footsteps of previous “anti-art” movements such as Dada. Thank You Hide is a combination of drawing and found objects arranged in a seemingly disparate manner. This random order stems from the artist’s own sense of personal iconography, and allows for many visual and verbal puns, such as the phrase “No mad is an island,“ which turns up elsewhere in Wiley’s art. The central theme of the work is contact between indigenous cultures and Europeans, as is referenced by the roughly U.S. shaped cowhide, arrowheads, and leather ornamentations.
InscriptionTitled in center area of cowhide
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Hansen Fulley Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 1971
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