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Standing Stones

Photo Credit: Rich Sanders, Des Moines

Standing Stones

Artist: Richard Serra (American, born 1938)
Date: 1989
Medium: granite blocks
Large: 4.5 x 559.9 x 100 ft. (1.4 x 170.7 x 30.5 m.)
Credit Line: Des Moines Art Center Permanent Collections; Given by the Kruidenier Family Members and In-Laws in memory of David S. and Florence C. Kruidenier, l989.5.a-.f
Accession number: 1989.5.a-.f
Classification: sculpture
Copyright:Serra is protected by ARS
Label TextThis site-specific sculpture by Richard Serra has been installed on the grassy area between Grand Avenue and the main driveway of the Art Center. The sculpture consists of six rough-hewn granite block quarried in Sweden. It takes its cue from the site itself, with the elements and the distances between being of equal importance and is meant to be experienced by walking through the site as well as driving by. Serra diredctly involves the viewer in the experience of the materials, the definition of space, and the proces of his sculpture. This is the first environmental sculpture for exterior spaces adjacent to the Art Center. Source: News, November December 1989.
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