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Study After Velázquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X

Photo Credit: Rich Sanders, Des Moines

Study After Velázquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X

Artist: Francis Bacon (English, 1909 - 1992)
Date: 1953
Medium: Oil on canvas
Frame: 68 3/8 × 54 7/8 × 3 3/8 in. (173.7 × 139.4 × 8.6 cm.)
Image (visible): 59 7/8 × 46 3/8 in. (152.1 × 117.8 cm.)
Credit Line: Purchased with funds from the Coffin Fine Arts Trust; Nathan Emory Coffin Collection of the Des Moines Art Center, 1980.1
Accession number: 1980.1
Classification: painting
Label TextBacon was born in 1909 in Dublin of English parents. Lacking academic training in art, he nevertheless achieved a modicum of success as a furniture designer, interior decorator and painter and exhibited his work in London in the 1930s. Only aout 10 of the paintings remain since the artist destroyed most of his works of that early period. Source: Bulletin, November-December, 1979.
Bacon used Velásquez’s 17th century portrait of Pope Innocent X as his subject nearly 50 times between 1949 and 1971. This version is considered by most to be Bacon’s definitive statement on the theme. Although he never saw the Velasquez in person, Bacon became entranced by reproductions of the work. Many images and ideas captured Bacon’s imagination and recurred in his work. His fascination with graphically depicting the mouth is evident here, as in many of the pope paintings. In particular, this scream references the “Odessa Steps” sequence of the classic silent film Battleship Potemkin (another Bacon obsession). In the film, a nurse cries out violently as she is shot through her eyeglasses, and the red, blood-like paint splatters can also be related to this imagery. The strange yellow lines surrounding the figure form both a throne and reference a boxing or wrestling ring, a common theme in the artist’s work. Despite its specific iconography, the painting remains unsettling and enigmatic. The long vertical and diagonal brushstrokes covering the canvas suggest motion, blurring the image in such a way that it can be seen as falling through space. By presenting an authoritarian figure like the pope in this scenario, overcome by the primal act of screaming, Bacon subverts the concept of authority and presents a disturbing image of chaos.
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